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When a divorce decree is finalized, both parties are required to uphold the terms of the decree. Whether this means paying child support or adhering to the agreed-upon parenting plan. But even though certain actions are required by the court, not everyone will follow through. Disputes do happen, and this typically leads to post-decree actions.

Common post-divorce disputes include:

  • Nonpayment of child support
  • Not complying with parenting plans (child custody)
  • Nonpayment of maintenance

If your former spouse is refusing to uphold the terms of your divorce agreement, or if you need help defending a contempt action, our Seattle divorce attorneys at Wakefield Penny, PLLC can protect you. As skilled trial attorneys, we are confident in our ability to resolve post-divorce disputes. Should your case require litigation, we can guide you through the court systems and fight to assert your rights.

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Enforcing Court Orders

One of the options available when enforcing a divorce decree is to file a contempt of court motion. Our family law attorneys can help you through the paperwork and ensure that it is properly served. Once the contempt is filed, the judge will issue a judgment either agreeing with your motion or denying it.

If the judgement is in your favor, the judge will provide options to remedy the situation and issue a specific time period in which it should be resolved. If your former spouse still refuses to comply with the judge’s orders, then the noncompliant party can be thrown in jail, ordered to pay fines, or wages may be garnished for payment of support or maintenance.

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