Dependency & Neglect Attorneys in Seattle

Are Your Parental Rights at Risk?

Dependency cases are initiated when an individual, such as a social worker, reports that a parent is neglecting or abusing their children. Dependency cases are not criminal matters; in most cases, there are no criminal consequences for your actions unless in extreme circumstances. The court’s goal is to protect your children and to make sure they are safe and to ensure their welfare.

Family matters involving juvenile dependency should be taken seriously, as there may be a chance you could lose your parental rights. Speak with our dedicated CPS attorneys in Seattle to understand your rights and where your case stands. We know that many parents in dependency cases are going through difficult times. We work to protect your parental rights and reunite you with your children.

Dependency cases involve parents who are accused of:

  • Abusing a child
  • Not caring for a child’s needs
  • Allowing another individual to abuse a child

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What To Expect in a Dependency Case

When a report of neglect or abuse has been made, a worker from the Child Protective Services (CPS) will investigate the claims. The child may be removed from the home if the state believes the child is in danger.

There will be court hearings where both the CPS workers and parents of the child provide information to the court. A judge will decide on various issues, such as where the child should live, services that the parents need, and whether the child should maintain contact with the parents and how long.

In some cases, the parents may be required to undergo court-ordered treatment or demonstrate that they are capable of supporting and raising their child.

Compassionate Guidance for Parents

Our Seattle CPS lawyers can protect you during investigations and guide you through court hearings. We are committed to helping each parent reunite with their children.

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