Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney in Seattle

Get a Restraining Order in Washington State

At Wakefield Legal, PLLC, our domestic violence lawyers in Seattle can represent victims of abuse and defend against accusations of domestic violence. We understand both ends of the legal spectrum and we work to protect our clients. Discuss your situation with our dedicated team.

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Protection for Abused Victims

If you are being abused by a spouse or a family member, we can help you obtain a protection order. This is a civil order that can be obtained from the Family Law Court. Our Seattle domestic violence attorneys can help you fill out the paperwork, file it, and help you prepare for your hearing with a judge.

What can a protection order do?

  • Prohibit the abuser from threatening or harassing you
  • Prohibit the abuser from entering your home
  • Give you temporary custody of children
  • Order the abuser to attend counseling

If you need an emergency order or need help enforcing an order that has been violated, we are ready to protect you.

Defending Charges of Domestic Violence in Seattle, Washington

At our firm, we often see many cases in which criminal defense overlap with family law. Domestic violence is one of these issues and as domestic violence attorneys in Seattle who are well-versed in criminal law, we understand the impact that a domestic violence charge can have on your future. In addition to criminal penalties, your custody rights may be compromised.

Whether you have been falsely accused or you feel the charges are exaggerated, our team can help you resolve your charges in the best possible manner. Our goal is to protect you from maximum penalties of the law and safeguard your reputation.

Dedicated Seattle Domestic Violence Lawyers Protecting You

Our domestic violence attorneys in Seattle understand the delicate nature of domestic violence cases. We are here and respond promptly to communication with our clients.

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