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Not all divorces have to turn into costly, emotionally charged legal battles. Spouses who are able to come together and cooperate towards a mutually acceptable agreement regarding the terms of their separation can minimize both the cost and emotional turmoil of their divorce, allowing them to get back to their lives more quickly and smoothly. At Wakefield Legal, PLLC, our highly knowledgeable Seattle uncontested divorce attorney can help you, and your spouse negotiate an uncontested divorce and provide the compassionate support you need to ensure your separation is completed correctly.

Why Hire Wakefield Legal

Reasons to trust our firm to handle your negotiated divorce:

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Benefits Of Uncontested Divorce

Couples who choose to pursue an uncontested divorce can reap several benefits. Uncontested separations can take far less time to be completed as they can all but eliminate the need for court involvement. Unlike a traditional contested divorce that can involve months, if not years, of litigation, an uncontested divorce involves guided negotiations out of court and can be completed in as little as 90 days, saving couples from the hassle of attending various court hearings and expensive legal fees. Furthermore, an uncontested separation can be an invaluable way for couples with children to minimize tensions and maintain the possibility of a harmonious relationship in the future.

What Needs To Be Agreed Upon in an Uncontested Divorce?

In order for an uncontested divorce to be finalized, spouses must agree on the following:

While it is highly recommended that all couples pursue an uncontested separation prior to pursuing litigation, uncontested divorces may not be possible in all circumstances. This process requires couples to have a considerable amount of patience, understanding, and a genuine willingness to compromise in order to be successful.

Should I Retain the Services of an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce?

While you might believe that you do not need an attorney, you will soon see that divorce proceedings can become complicated. If you're concerned about hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer, consider the following advantages:

  • Paperwork - A specialist will be able to handle all of the documents to ensure that it is completed correctly. You don't need any delays caused by incomplete documentation that could have been done by an experienced attorney.
  • Helping avoid arguments - A lawyer can mediate and assist in resolving any disagreements that might arise. Even if you believe you and your partner can agree on how to divide your assets and debts, disagreements may occur rapidly.
  • Lower the Stress - Divorce can be an emotional and traumatic experience. Doing it on your own can be overwhelming. Retaining a lawyer you can trust can relieve some of the tension.

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At Wakefield Legal, PLLC, our Seattle uncontested divorce lawyers understand the struggles you face and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to help you get through this difficult time. With cost-effective family law legal solutions and an uncompromising dedication to preserving your well-being, our firm can help you and your spouse pursue the most amicable solution possible for your separation. Nobody should have to face the complexities and stress of a divorce on their own. Let our legal team use their knowledge and skills to carry some of the burdens on your behalf during this difficult time.

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