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Choosing to dissolve a marriage can be a difficult decision. But once you’ve made that first step, you may find that the entire divorce process is much harder than you originally thought. You will have to make decisions on important issues regarding your finances and properties. If both of you share children, you and your spouse will have to decide on how to split parenting time between your households.

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Divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining – but you are not alone. Our attorneys can walk you through every step. Helping you with paperwork, mediating disputes, finding amicable solutions, and even protecting your rights in court if necessary. We are here for you every step of the way with our quality advice and personalized guidance.

The No-Fault Divorce Process in Washington

Residency requirement. To file for divorce in Washington, either spouse must be a resident of the state. You are not required to have lived in the state for any specified length of time, as long as either you or your spouse has established residency. You may prove this by issuing a copy of your voter registration card, a change of address form, or your driver's license.

No fault divorce. Washington is a no-fault divorce state. This means that you do not have to provide any reasons for the divorce beyond the fact that it is “irretrievably broken.” Couples do not assign blame or provide reasons why the marriage did not work. As long as one party wants to file for divorce, then the state will still grant the divorce, regardless of whether the other spouse disagrees.

Filing a Complaint. The actual filing of the complaint for dissolution of marriage is a painless process. You will need to supply information such as:

  • the last known address of your spouse (including your own)
  • the location and date of your wedding
  • if your spouse is pregnant or if minor children are involved
  • the date when you and your spouse officially separated

Waiting Period. Washington State requires all divorcing couples to wait 90 days before finalizing. This is called the cooling off period where the court hopes the parties will reconcile. Unfortunately, 90 days is simply not enough time for most couples to negotiate the terms.

Final Hearing. This is where the spouses have the option to settle or go to trial. Setting their terms will result in an uncontested divorce, whereas continuing to an extended trial would require a contested divorce.

What Issues Must be Resolved in a Divorce?

How Much Will a Divorce Cost in Washington?

Divorce costs vary significantly depending on the complexity of the case. Still, there are some fees that all couples can anticipate. The fee to file for a dissolution of marriage in King County is $314. In addition to this expense, a pair can brace themselves for:

  • Attorney fees
  • Costs for official copies of divorce paperwork
  • Service fees
  • Moving costs
  • Psychiatric evaluations for expert witnesses in divorces with children

In total, an uncontested divorce can cost around $4,000.

The fees will increase with any additional court appearances, petition filings, responses to motions, and more. Overall, couples can safely anticipate some sort of charge any time they must submit paperwork, see a judge, or issue a formal response to the opposition.

If a case necessitates a trial to settle multiple issues, it could cost around $20,000.

Do You Need a Lawyer to File for Divorce in WA State?

No, it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer when filing for divorce, but it is recommended. The laws surrounding divorce can be complex, especially if children or large assets are involved. It is a common misunderstanding that hiring an attorney for divorce will result in higher costs, longer waits, and more paperwork. The intention of our attorney is to eliminate the headache from this overwhelming process. Our lawyers create strategies that will help you in both the short and long-term by keeping your priorities first.

Additional reasons that you should consider hiring an attorney for divorce include:

  • Less stress over the excess paperwork and court documents
  • If your spouse hires a lawyer, you will want to as well
  • Clarification for any confusing legal verbiage
  • An attorney will help you pursue issues that are worth your time and money
  • An attorney can help dig up hidden assets that your spouse may be hiding

For a divorce that is surrounded by doubt and disagreement, hiring a lawyer is in your best interests. You do not want to face the legal system solo and lose everything. Call today for a consultation!

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