Planning Your Summer Vacation!

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Summer vacations should be a fun, exciting, and easy time. However, for divorced parents, this time of the year can be complicated and trying. Parents should have freedom and flexibility to spend time with their children on their own schedule. Conflict between the co-parents can have a negative effect on the children, causing anxiety over the summer break. The goal is to enjoy the time together, so why not do it differently this year?!

It is important to remember that the children’s happiness and welfare is top priority. It is crucial to communicate with your children, making sure that they enjoy every moment. Although parenting plans and custody arrangements may limit the options of places to go and activities to participate in, quality time is the key point.

The children should be excited about visiting with both parents; therefore, it is important that you as a parent will be supportive of the children spending time with the co parent. To avoid confrontation, confirm your plans in writing to your co-parent. The children should understand that they may contact their other parent whenever they feel the need.

Remember to also enjoy your alone time when the children are not with you. It is important to also take some time for yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet, knowing your children are having a great time with the co parent.