Easter and Co Parenting

Easter picnic

Not sure how to make Easter special for your children as a divorced parent? Here are some fun ways to make sure your kids enjoy the holiday.

There is so much value of spending as much quality time with your kids as possible. Kids may be unsettled having to spend Easter separately from both parents. However, you can make it easy and special for them by doing fun things together. Try to keep to the family traditions, this will help the kids feel safe and happy. Here are a few things that you can do over the Easter break with your children. Do fun things together, activities that the children will enjoy and that you can do with them.

Doing something for someone else always brings a sense of satisfaction and joy. Create a gift basket for someone who needs it, someone who will be lonely for Easter or someone who needs comfort and love. Let the children create cards, fill it up with painted Easter chocolate eggs and other fun snacks like homemade biscuits and cookies.

Do something outdoors that will engage the kids with nature and creating. Let each child have his or her own little pot in which they can plant colourful flowers that will remind them of Easter. Help them to paint their pots different colours and choose the perfect flowers for their pots.

Participating in fun and exciting activities with your kids will let them enjoy their Easter. Combine the above activities with traditional Easter activities like egg hunt and egg tossing. This will create memories for them and will let them know that you care for them and want them to feel happy and loved.

Always be sure to communicate with your co-parent on all plans to keep it smooth and easy over the holidays. Enjoy your Easter!