How Can a Postnuptial Agreement Benefit Me?

When it comes to protecting your interests and establishing expectations in a marriage, postnuptial agreements can be an important tool. A postnuptial agreement is made during or right after a marriage takes place (while a prenuptial is made beforehand), and outlines matters that are important to that couple, such as how assets will be divided or how children will be provided for in the event of a divorce.

How Postnuptial Agreements Benefit Married Couples

Traditionally, these are some of the items couples choose to include in their agreement:

Asset Division

As people get married later in life, they often come to the marriage with properties and assets of their own. Should the marriage end, a postnuptial can clearly and decisively outline how assets should be divided.


Over the course of a marriage, couples will naturally accrue credit card debt, a mortgage, annual subscriptions, monthly bills, and healthcare costs.

Creating a postnuptial agreement is a good way for couples to get a better understanding of their spouse’s financial situation and spending habits, as well as spending expectations in the future. If couples have different forms of money management, a postnuptial can outline how these debts will be divided in the event of a divorce.

Small Businesses

Divorce can be very complicated among spouses who started or owned a business prior to their marriage. While postnuptials are not set in stone, they may be able to help you keep your business separate from marital property.

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A common misconception about pre and postnuptials is that they’re only for the wealthy. The reality is that every person brings something of worth to a marriage, whether it be financial, emotional, or intellectual.

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